CactusCon Reverse Engineering Spoilers

Challenge 1: –[—–>+—-.[—>+—-.+++[->+++++.++++++++.+++++.——–.-[—>+–.+[->++++.++++++++.–.+++++.——-.–.—-.–[—>+–.++++++. Answer: brainfuckingeasy Challenge 2 – “simple” xor crackme with a 55 character password. May make this a higher challenge. Answer: “Waxing my car will not result in expert karate training” challenge 3 – C app, createthread, easy to solve with ida and hex editor or debugger. Change the timeout for WaitForSingleObject to […]

Happy Wednesday!

Hello again! It’s been a busy week at work. Lots of unique malware. As you may or may not know, malware uses non-conventional things to stay hidden and throw off heuristic analysis. I see weird stuff. Instructions that make no sense in context like the ‘out’ instruction, blocks of code which perform floating point arithmetic […]