Reversing a Botnet

Howdy fellow crackers and hackers alike! Have I got a treat for you? A live botnet. The other day at work, I encountered a number of machines all attacking other hosts. Normally its just one machine, but this there were several. We isolated the exe responsible because it was eating up 100% CPU (not exactly […]

Password Snarfer

I recently went to Defcon and had some time to think about the next thing to write. I had been toying with the idea for some time. A password snarfer for those password database programs like Norton Identity Manager, PassSafe off of sourceforge, LastPass,  Kaspersky Password Manager, Roboform Desktop, Iron Key and the rest. I’m […]

Terminal Services applications

This week for work I ran into a couple of applications running over terminal services. Its like a pseudo remote desktop sort of thing. The idea is that you have an application that runs remotely that others can use. What’s supposed to happen is a user can only use said application and nothing more. That’s […]

Reversing Origin P2

The triumphant release of Battlefield 3 marks the second time in my life where I waited til midnight to purchase a game standing outside a store. The first of which being Fallout 3 (after all I did wait 10 years for a sequel). And with the newest game out you would think there would be […]