xor by update

Hi! In a vain effort to not lose what little knowledge I have, I have made an update to a C# project called ‘XOR By’. In this version I added ‘Rc4’ because I was going to but then didn’t. Source is here. As a small update I’ve been playing with drivers and kernel land. its […]

HOPE X and stuff

Salutations! HOPE X, my first HOPE went pretty well. I wanted to speak on an official capacity, however was rejected. I instead had to settle for an impromptu speech in one of the other rooms. I spoke on the basics of breaking apart malware and made the most of what little I had. Aside from […]

Syrian Malware

Howdy all! Today we’re going to go through some malware straight out of the armpit of the world – Syria. There are of course hurdles to this – namely language barriers. A lot code I run into has Arabic characters, but the code is functionally the same. As you may (or not) know, there is […]

I <3 C

I love C. It was my first language I learned. Any other security professional will tell you, C is the bomb, but on the same token, a source for a lot of head ache. To anyone out there aspiring to be a security professional, get to know C and assembly. C lets you inline assembly […]