Syrian Malware

Howdy all! Today we’re going to go through some malware straight out of the armpit of the world – Syria. There are of course hurdles to this – namely language barriers. A lot code I run into has Arabic characters, but the code is functionally the same. As you may (or not) know, there is […]

I <3 C

I love C. It was my first language I learned. Any other security professional will tell you, C is the bomb, but on the same token, a source for a lot of head ache. To anyone out there aspiring to be a security professional, get to know C and assembly. C lets you inline assembly […]

The problem with PCI compliance

Hello everyone and happy new year. PCI compliance requires CC’s be encrypted, yet every other online store I’ve encountered STORES the ENCRYPTION KEY on the box, usually somewhere in the store’s code. What’s the point? Who does this deter? Even if the CC’s are encrypted, what’s to stop someone from just grabbing the CC’s and […]

Cache is your friend

They don’t make sites like they used to anymore. Seems more people are security conscious. I say this because when i look to the past, I found hacking sites and servers a little easier. Example: What happened? I don’t think things are any easier / harder. I think error messages are just turned off by […]