HTTP Fuzzer in PHP


Long time no update. What have I been working on? Lots. For starters, I am coding my own HTTP fuzzer in my favorite web lang – php.

Here, take a look:

Want to see the back end code? Now that I’m done, here it is:

I’m calling it ‘Joe’s Hot Fuzz’, though that name is subject to change. I got done with the front end today, and now I’m coding the back end.

It sends large amounts of data to the various HTTP requests and parameters. It supports all of them like GET, HEAD, POST, TRACE, OPTIONS, and the rest.

Right now, my code only outputs text, but the plan is to support XML output as well as SQL output for storage. I plan on being done in a week or so.


As for the windows world, I’m coding up another application for ridding my computer of duplicated files. I had the idea of storing each returned file handle into an array with a unique ID, then checking for duplicates with a sorting algorithm. Whenever the hell this is done (nearly complete, just not a major priority), I will post about it.


Hack on my friends.


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