McAfee BUP File Restorer and JoeHasher Update


I had a drunken inkling last night to update some of my tools last night. Tools that were written poorly that should be written right – with care taken.

Example – . I even tried to re-do it, but it still ended up butt ugly

That ended up also being ugly and relying on weird 3rd party dlls. Such a shame. It turns out people actually read my blog and use my tools (who knew?) so I thought the responsible thing to do would be to re-release some stuff fixed.

New hotness? Check out this bit of sex and code:

No need to select a folder, it just does it in the target folder (if it has permission, otherwise, complains).

Try / Catch achieved. I even shrank the thing to 6 kb, down from 140. How’s THAT for professionalism? I know, I’m awesome.

I also fixed JoeHasher to work with multiple files with drag and drop instead of 1 at a time, and also error out properly when working file protected files. I’m sorry I didn’t catch this sooner.
Old JoeHasher:

New JoeHasher:

Downloads for both tools:
McAfee Bup File Restore Utility

It’s been nuts these last few months working 2 jobs, 3rd on the way. But I will finish what I started.

Good night, happy hacking!

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