CactusCon Reverse Engineering Challenges

Salutations fellow readers. I hope some of you saw me speak on JoeCrypter last week at CactusCon. As for the slides from my talk, you can view them here.

For those who don’t know, I wrote the reverse engineering challenges this year for the CTF. Most of them were solved, but not all. Perhaps some of you would like a crack at it? Give it a go:

I will be posting the answers in a couple of weeks. For now though, please enjoy the challenges.

Happy cracking!


6 thoughts on “CactusCon Reverse Engineering Challenges
  1. Hey, nice challenges but are you sure the “check answer” on your page is working (challenge 2 ff.)?


    1. I’ll be posting the answers this week. Answer to #2 should be ‘Waxing my car will not result in expert karate training’

  2. Ok, I have most of the answers. Just checking them with that website is not working……

    PS: in one flag is a “typo” ??? 🙂

  3. Do you think reverse engineering is harder when someone uses a crypter such as Sheikh Crypter or xProtect from hxxps://

    1. Crypters are only a minor setback. Everything needs to be decrypted to run properly in the CPU. All I have to do is capture the exe when its decrypted and dump.

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