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Gironsec Security Analsysis Services has been serving the world something awesome since 2003. Joe Giron keeps blog of everything cool. Check back regularly for updates, or check out his papers for talks & whitepapers. There is code available too.

Brief Bio:

I (Joe) am a highly skilled Computer Security Engineer based in Phoenix, Arizona. With a strong background in cybersecurity and a passion for ensuring digital resilience, I have dedicated my career to safeguarding organizations from evolving cyber threats. I've spent a lot of my time honing my craft doing all manner on things from reverse engineering and exploit development, to penetration testing and red team engagements.

Having dropped out of Arizona State University I still cultivated a deep understanding of network security, cryptography, and ethical hacking. Throughout my career, I've has contributed to the security posture of diverse industries, including finance, healthcare, and technology through numerous talks, tools, CVE's and white papers. My commitment to staying ahead of emerging threats ensures that the solutions he implements are cutting-edge and aligned with industry best practices.

What I can do for you

Gironsec Security Analysis offers a wide variety of services including but not limited to:

  • Penetration Testing
  • Source Code analysis
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Malware identification
  • PCI Compliance and much more!

If you want to get a hold of me check this page.

Stuff I Do

Hacking, cracking, coding, breaking things, making things, picking locks, soldering, drowning myself in a sea of useless knowledge, long walks on the beach...

What I'm Up To Now

My blog contains the majority of the happenings of what I'm up to. Next week I'll be in San Diego at ToorCon giving a couple of speeches.